593 Capri Herald
593 Capri Herald
Herald Trumpet
This model has been discontinued.

Bore Size:

Hand lapped nickel silver

Nickel silver

4¾" two piece detachable yellow brass with banner rings

Intonation Aids:
Adjustable third slide ring

7C Trumpet

Finish (click for photos):
Clear lacquer or bright silver plate

Getzen Gold Warranty
Lifetime Valve Warranty

593 Options

Lever Waterkeys
Bright Silver Plate
Custom Etching Available


24K Gold Plate Trim Kit

593 Herald

The Capri Bb Herald Trumpet combines the big Getzen sound with the visual appeal to add to the pageantry of fanfare groups, marching bands, and festival occasions. The banner rings are spaced at 12" and the overall length of the instrument is 31¼" (without mouthpiece).