Specialty Trumpets

Getzen Specialty Trumpets are designed to fill the positions left open by standard trumpets and cornets.

Getzen offers two different piccolo trumpet models. Both the 940 Eterna Short Model Piccolo and the all new 3916 Custom Series Long Model Piccolo feature a four valve configurations that provide free blowing instruments with excellent intonation. Both are perfect for any Baroque and specialty literature.

The 593 Bb Herald Trumpet offers a great sounding instrument that is perfect those who need a little extra visual appeal. With standard banner rings mounted to the bell, the 593 is the perfect fanfare trumpet.

The 994 Eterna Bass Trumpet is an ideal alternative to a valve trombone. With a rich, mellow tone and quality Getzen construction, the 994 is versatile enough for symphonic performances and durable enough to be used as a marching brass instrument.

As with all Getzen instruments, Getzen Specialty Trumpets are made to the highest standards. All are built around unsurpassed Getzen valve sections with nickel plated, nickel silver pistons. Also all Specialty Models also feature hand spun bells and offer a variety of options and finishes.

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Specialty Trumpet Models

3916 Custom Piccolo 3916 Custom Piccolo
Piccolo trumpet with copper bell and four valves
940 Eterna Piccolo940 Eterna Piccolo
Piccolo trumpet with yellow brass bell and four valves
593 Capri Herald 593 Capri Herald
Herald trumpet with detachable yellow brass with banner rings
Field Trumpet Field Trumpet
Bugles with yellow brass or gold brass bells