Getzen Trumpets

From the top of the line Custom Series Bb and C Trumpets to our entry level student line, all Getzen Trumpets are built with the same skill and dedication to quality. You will find the same high standards on a trumpet intended for an orchestra as you will for a trumpet bound for a child's first recital.

All Getzen trumpets feature hand spun bells made from the finest materials availible. Whether its the one piece, hand hammered bell of the Custom Series and Artist Model lines, or the seamless bells on the 300/400 Series Trumpets, the quality of the bell shines through in the sound of each trumpet.

The heart and soul of every Getzen Trumpet is the valve section and the same legendary Getzen valve action can be found on all of our trumpets. That is in no small part thanks to our hand-lapped, nickel silver pistons, argueably the fastest and most durable pistons on the market today.

Finally, every Getzen Trumpet is hand mounted and assembled by our staff of highly trained craftsmen and women. The same care is put into every trumpet that goes through the factory. Whether the trumpet was built in the ProShop or in general production, you can rest assured that it was made by some of the most skilled hands in the industry.

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Trumpet Categories

Genesis Custom Series Genesis Custom Series
Custom Bb Trumpets with 24K gold finish, heavy crook bracing and interchangeable leadpipes
Artist Custom SeriesArtist Custom Series
Custom Bb Trumpets with yellow brass bell and gold or silver plating
Custom Series Bb Custom Series Bb
Custom Bb Trumpets with one piece, hand hammered yellow or gold brass bells
Custom Series CCustom Series C
Custom C Trumpets with one piece, hand hammered yellow or gold brass bells
Eterna Series Eterna Series
Professional Bb trumpets with yellow brass or sterling silver bells
700 Series700 Series
Limited production Bb trumpets with yellow or gold brass bells
Capri Series Capri Series
Bb trumpets built for the next generation of great players
300/400 Series300/400 Series
Bb trumpets well known for their quality and durability