Custom Reserve Tenor Trombones

In 1992, the Getzen Company took a serious step into the trombone market with the introduction of the Custom Series line of professional trombones. Innovative designs and superior craftsmanship quickly established trombones like the 3047AF and 3062AFR as some of the best in the industry. Ever since, Getzen Custom Series trombones have been at the top of the list for professional trombonists all over the world. And now, nearly twenty years later, Getzen has taken another leap forward with the all new Custom Reserve line of professional trombones.

For years, manufacturers have launched higher end models to augment their existing lines. In most cases however, these new instruments are nothing more than a slightly dressed up version of a previous model with a fancy name and higher price tag. Getzen chose to take a different approach.

Three years in the making, the first instrument launched under the new Custom Reserve name is an all new design from the ground up. Decades of trombone building and consulting with musicians around the world combined to create a trombone with the feel and response every player wants with the sound and resonance they demand. It is truly the best of both worlds. Almost every part of the new 4047DS was designed specifically with this in mind. The bell, leadpipe, rotor, neckpipe, end crook, tuning slide, bracing, and wrap are all exclusive to the 4047DS and unlike anything else in the Getzen line. Finally, there is an extreme, high end Getzen trombone that musicians not only want, but that they deserve.

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4047DS Custom Reserve Tenor

Custom Reserve Model

4047DS 4047DS
Large bore symphonic tenor trombone. Our first new trombone in more than a decade.
4147IB 4147IB
Large bore symphonic tenor trombone designed with Ian Bousfield