Getzen Trombones

From top to bottom, Getzen Trombones are known around the world for their playability and durability. The same important construction techniques used to make Custom Series Trombones so widely respected, are put into practice during the making of all of our trombone lines.

So what makes Getzen trombones so well respected? The most important thing is the slide. Every Getzen Trombone features nickel silver inside slide tubes. These tubes are chrome plated to ensure that they stand up to the tests of time, and each tube is barrel-shaped to ensure the fastest and smoothest possible slide action. In addition, each slide tube is drawn using special tooling designed specifically for drawing the straightest possible trombone tubes. This, and the fact that every tube is straightened by hand, guarantees that you won't find a trombone slide anywhere that is faster or smoother than a Getzen.

In addition to the finest slides, Getzen Trombones also feature top quality hand-spun bells in a variety of gauges and metals. The upper line trombones feature several optional bells designed to meet the needs of the specific player. Getzen Eterna and Custom Series trombones feature conventional and axial flow valves respectively. Each of which are manufactured to highest possible standards.

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Trombone Categories

Custom Series Jazz Custom Series Jazz
Small bore jazz trombones are available with dual bore slide and choice of yellow or red brass bell
Custom Series TenorCustom Series Tenor
Large bore tenor trombones with axial flow valve and choice of yellow or red brass bell
Custom Series Bass Custom Series Bass
Independent bass trombones with axial flow valves and choice of yellow or red brass bell
Eterna Series TenorEterna Series Tenor
Wide range of instruments from small bore jazz models to a valve trombone
Eterna Series Bass Eterna Series Bass
Independent bass trombones with rotary valves and choice of yellow or red brass bell
700 Series700 Series
Tenor trombones offering players professional features in a moderate price range
Capri Series Capri Series
The 525 and 547 trombones offer players professional features at moderate prices
300/400 Series300/400 Series
Tenor trombones well known for their quality and durability