Mail Bag Trumpet

Mail Bag

Ray Banks
Young bugler and Eagle Scout Ray Banks proudly shows off his new M2003ES American Heritage Field Trumpet.
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Dear Getzen,

My son Ray Banks had his Eagle Scout Court of Honor on September 10, 2004. You may remember Ray from the NBC news story last veterans day about his Eagle Scout project working with Bugles Across America.

Out of his efforts, the Cadet Corps of Bugles Across America was formed. To help Ray celebrate his accomplishment we, his parents, presented him with a silver plated American Heritage Elite field trumpet with the BAA logo etched on the bell. He was thrilled to say the least and was able to use it for sounding Taps at his first funeral since his Court of Honor ceremony.

Altogether he and the squad of young buglers he recruited have sounded Taps at close to 40 funerals in the past year. In addition, they have played at many other patriotic functions and events in the area.

Thank you,

Bryce Banks
Greeley, CO

Education/Technique Trumpet

A Closer Look at Custom Series Bb Trumpets

In the world of professional trumpets there are a lot of great names to choose from. However, it’s not just the name that matters. What’s most important when picking a professional trumpet is finding one that suits you as a player. One that fits your playing style and needs as well as giving you the highest possible quality is the key. The only way to find this perfect fit is to go into the buying process armed with an open mind, a set of chops ready to play, and as much information on trumpets as you can find. In the spirit of this information gathering, the following is a detailed breakdown of the entire Custom Series Trumpet line intended to give players an idea of what to expect from each, an idea of what kind of player each was designed for, and to demonstrate why they should easily be at the top of anyone’s wish list.

With six models of professional Bb trumpets and a long list of available options and accessories to choose from it can be difficult to find a starting point within the Getzen Custom Series. After all, within the 3050, 3051, and 3052 trumpet lines there are more than a dozen different options to choose from. Players have the ability to change the basic model with anything from different bells, reverse leadpipes, and six different finishes just to name a few. A musician can even have almost any design or text they choose permanently etched onto their trumpet by taking advantage of our Custom Etching system. When all of this is considered, there are more than 1000 different Custom Series Bb trumpets to choose from. Combine that enormous list of professional trumpets with the three different tuning slides (round crook slide, square crook slide, & round crook jazz slide) available to choose from and you’ll agree it is safe to say there is a Getzen Custom Series trumpet that meets the needs and styles of almost every trumpet player out there.

When taking a more detailed look at Custom Series trumpets, it should be noted that each and every one is hand crafted by the highly experienced artisans of the Getzen ProShop. Each model is built around a world famous Getzen valve section with a heart of nickel plated, nickel silver pistons. What does this mean to you? It means you will have a lifetime of lightening fast and trouble free action from day one. There is no mythical “break in” period for Getzen pistons like those found with competitors’ monel pistons. Precision brazing, precision honing, and hand lapping ensure this. Also, every Custom Series trumpet is built with a hand hammered, one piece bell of either yellow or gold brass sheet. This allows for exceptional tonal production and superior acoustical efficiency within the bell thanks to the lack of a radial seam seen on standard two piece bells. In addition to these great features found on every Custom Series trumpet, each model also carries with it a few specific design attributes that make it ideal for different playing levels, styles, and needs. Don’t forget that this entire package is backed by more than 70 years of family tradition and is covered by the Getzen Platinum Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects guaranteeing you a top of the line, world class trumpet for years to come.

Bb Trumpet Bells

#137 Bell: Standard throat providing great projection and response with a more compact sound.
(available in standard weight yellow brass or heavy weight gold brass)

#172 Bell: Larger throat than a #137 with a darker, richer, and more rounded sound.
(available in either light weight yellow brass or heavy weight gold brass)

Trumpet Leadpipes

#125 Leadpipe: Some moderate resistance to lean against with exceptional tonal centering and slotting.

#125R Leadpipe: Reverse leadpipe construction providing great slotting, but with a more open, less resistant feel.

3001 & 3001LE

The 3001 & 3001LE Artist Model trumpets were designed with a very specific type of player in mind. Each trumpet features a #125 mouthpipe and a #137 one piece, hand hammered bell of yellow brass mounted to a .459″ bore valve set. Both the bell and the mouthpipe undergo a special heat treatment and annealing process. This combination works to create a brilliant tone with outstanding projection. The Artist Model trumpets provide a responsive feel along crisp articulations making them very attractive to players from the jazz, commercial, and lead arenas of play. For those players seeking a more open feel, the addition of the round crook tuning slide will open up the horn adding more freeness to its blow without comprising the trumpet’s responsiveness.


3003 Genesis

The 3003 Genesis is built around a solid design that produces a very powerful, round tone. Heavy bracing, an ovate tuning slide crook, a .464″ valve set, and a large throat bell all combine to make it perform evenly and responsively throughout the entire register while maintaining a free and open feel. In addition to those great features, the Genesis includes our ground breaking Interchangeable Leadpipe System (ILS). The ILS allows players the ability to switch between a Standard or Open leadpipe depending on their specific needs. In essence, giving players the ability to have two trumpets in one. All combined, these great features make the 3003 one of the most versatile trumpets available.



The 3050 trumpet is designed for the serious high school or collegiate player. With it’s standard #125 mouthpipe and #137 one piece, hand hammered yellow brass bell it produces a full, brilliant tone with excellent intonation from low to high. The standard .459″ bore and square tuning slide provide moderate resistance allowing a player to “lean” against the horn. The addition of a round tuning slide will open the horn slightly. If even less resistance is desired, going with the optional .462″ large bore or #125R reverse mouthpipe or both will open it up even more. If the standard bell is too bright, the optional #137 gold brass bell will add warmth and darkness to the sound.



The 3051 trumpet is designed to be a great “all around” trumpet that will sound well in all settings from jazz to classical. The #125 mouthpipe and #172 one piece, hand hammered heavy gold brass bell combine to produce a very broad, rich, and warm tone with a great sense of freeness to the blow. The 3051 also provides a smooth, even play with excellent intonation and slotting from low to high thanks in part to the square tuning slide. As with the 3050, the addition of a round tuning slide, reverse leadpipe, .462″ bore valve set, or a combination of the three will allow players the ability to achieve the resistance level they desire from moderate resistance to a very free blow.



The 3052 features a .462″ large bore, a #125R reverse leadpipe, and a round crook tuning slide in addition to a #137 one piece, hand hammered yellow brass bell, providing a trumpet ideal for commercial and big band players that like a very free blowing instrument. The optional #172 light weight, yellow brass bell will significantly brighten the sound and increase the trumpet’s responsiveness. Adding a square tuning slide will allow the trumpet to slot tighter and add more stability in the extreme upper register without jeopardizing its freeness. For those wanting a bit more resistance, the options of a .459″ bore or a standard leadpipe setup are available.

Education/Technique Trombone Trumpet

How to Choose the Right Student Instrument

Adapted from NAPBIRT publication

At Getzen, we understand the early years are the most crucial in the education of a young musician. The availability of a quality instrument is key to the development of their skills. However, it is unrealistic to expect parents to spend several hundred or thousands of dollars on an instrument for a child that may or may not stick with it. There are several things parents need to consider before making the decision to purchase a new instrument for their son or daughter. Here are just a few questions and answers that may help you with this decision.

Q: My 12 year old decided to join the band. Should I buy a brand new horn or rent one from the local store?

A: Rental or lease programs are often great choices for many parents. With low initial investments, flexible payment plans, and included maintenance plans a rental program is very attractive for equipping the beginning player. They are a great way to get started until your student advances to the point of knowing that he or she is going to stick with the band. Also, many dealers offering rental programs work side-by-side with the local educators ensuring that you will be receiving a quality instrument that is approved by the school’s band director.

Q: Before I decide what to do, what should I look for in a student horn?

A: When considering what qualities to look for there are two things you need to remember. First, this is a tool for your child’s education. Making a decision based solely on price could be a considerable handicap to your youngster. The second thing you need to consider is that this instrument should be able to last at least three to four years. This is due to the fact that after that long, most students have advanced to the skill level that they are ready to move up to an intermediate or even professional level instrument. There are three basic issues that need to be addressed to determine the quality of an instrument.

  1. Playability – This is first and foremost on the list. The most important thing your child needs is an instrument that he or she can actually play… and in tune. Unfortunately, there are some “instruments” on the market today that are built so poorly that they cannot be played at all. It is unfair to expect a student to learn how to play if they are learning on an instrument that even a highly trained professional couldn’t perform on.
  2. Durability – As every parent knows, if it can be broken a child will find the way. This is true with musical instruments as well. When you consider the daily trips to and from school, rehearsals, concerts, parades, and pep band performances there is a never ending stream of potentially dangerous situations. That is why it is important to put an instrument in your child’s hands that is built to stand up to this. Strong bracing, tube joints, and solid bell construction are all key points to look at.
  3. Fix-ability – As mentioned above, kids will be kids and their instruments will need repairs. However, some low end instruments out there are so poorly built that repairs cannot be made. In fact, there are some instruments that reputable repair shops won’t even touch. The key question to ask when looking at a new instrument is “Can it be fixed?” You want an instrument that can be easily repaired at your local music store using parts that are readily available from the manufacturer or a company such as Allied Supply. Ideally, you want an instrument that is backed up and covered by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty. Something hard to find on professional instruments let alone student horns.

Q: I decided to buy a horn, now where should I go shopping for it?

A: While some parents find internet auction sites attractive for finding good deals on used instruments, a great deal of caution should be taken. It is difficult to determine the actual condition and quality of a used instrument without actually touching, playing, and looking it over in person. If you do decide to go with a used horn, have it looked over by a quality repair shop in your area. When shopping for a brand new instrument parents have basically three options. They can buy from their local music store, from an internet retailer, or from a discount store. There are pluses and minuses to all three. The least expensive of the three is generally the discount retailers. However, often times they lack any kind of service and only offer low, low end student instruments. When considering quality as well as price, online retailers are very attractive. Great deals can be found online for quality student horns, however, they lack some of the service advantages found at local music stores. At your local music store, your child can hold and play test the instrument before you buy it. You can also take advantage of the knowledgeable sales staff for advice and recommendations. The local store is also the ideal location to take the horn for future repairs and maintanence. In the end, parents have to weigh all three options and decide what is most important. Price, quality, service, or a balanced combination of all three.

If you’re looking for a brass instrument that meets these criteria, look no further than the Getzen 300/400 Series line of trumpets, cornets, and trombones. Our student horns are built by the finest American craftsmen to the highest possible standards while keeping retail prices low. With features not found on other student instruments such as hand spun bells, precision honed nickel pistons, hand lapped slide tubes, and manually straightened handslides it’s plain to see why they are slightly more expensive than some import “instruments”. However, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for and every Getzen 300 & 400 Series instrument is built to last and is backed by our 5 year Gold Warranty and legendary Lifetime Valve Warranty. Most importantly though, each is built to perform and to grow along with your young musician.

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