Custom Series Small Brass Tour

What's the key to being successful in selling musical instruments? Obviously, the most important thing is building the finest products available. However, a close second is ensuring that your instruments make it into as many hands as possible. Again and again we hear from players wanting to try a Custom Series trumpet, but they just can't find any in their area. They get frustrated because of the lack of purchasing options and we get frustrated because of the loss of potential sales. But what is the answer? An answer that not only helps us, but also helps players and store owners alike? Well, we think we may have found it.

Introducing the all new Getzen Custom Series Small Brass Tour (SBT). That's right, a factory tour of our complete line of professional small brass instruments. The idea is simple. We work with dealers around the country to schedule a factory day at their stores. On the day of the event, a Getzen Company representative will be present at the store along with the full line of Custom Series small brass instruments. That's 6 Bb trumpets, 3 C trumpets, a Bb cornet, a C cornet, an Eb cornet, a small bore flugelhorn, and a Bb\A four valve piccolo trumpet. All will be available throughout the day for test driving and tire kicking by everyone in attendance. In addition, each SBT event will feature a variety of special offers and door prizes ranging from Getzen merchandise to mouthpieces and gig cases. Most importantly though, the SBT will put Custom Series instruments into the hands of players who previously didn't have the opportunity give them a try.

Please contact us if you are interested in attending an SBT Day at a dealer near you.

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